Ways to Encourage and Help Us

I posted this information on CaringBridge, but I think it’s worth sharing here since so many people have asked for ways to help and encourage Caleb, baby girl, and I through this challenging season.

In the short term, letters, notes, cards, verses, etc. are an easy way to brighten my day. Please also send favorite memories of Keith to ourfriendkeith@gmail.com so that we can compile a book for the kids, myself, and our families to cherish for the long term.

Notes, Cards, & Letters
We love getting mail and having hand written letters to read over and over is a wonderful thing. If you’re so inclined, please send them to:

10374 Sugarberry St
Waldorf, MD 20603

Memories and Photos
We have started an email address dedicated to collecting memories, stories, and photos to compile into a book for our family (especially Caleb and the baby) and would love contributions from everyone.

Please send thoughts, memories, photos, etc. to ourfriendkeith@gmail.com

Donations in Keith’s Memory
Many people have asked how to contribute financially to our family’s future, so we have set up a donation site to go towards the kids’ college accounts. Keith wanted any donations to go towards something he was passionate about, so we decided together that this would be the most appropriate way to honor what he loved most: his family.

1. Go to Ugift529.com.
2. Enter the Ugift code: T91-D4V
3. Enter your name and the amount of your gift.
4. Make your gift via electronic funds transfer or check.

NOTE: If you make a donation via CaringBridge as a tribute in Keith’s honor, the money will go towards the operating costs of the website. I am not discouraging you from doing this since it is a wonderful tool and organization, but it can be confusing.

Memorial Information

All memorial information is posted on CaringBridge.

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